Adopting Bonobos


Through our pleasure we can learn new ways to exist whilst rising fund to save and adopt our orphan Baby Bonobos cousins. This can be a wonderful win win for all of us. We shall get pleasure and experience compassion for others by learning their way of living and by learning how to bond and cooperate as a group. During the retreat there will be a strong emphasis on supporting bonobos’. Though these workshops funds will be released that shall contribute to the La Yola Bonobo sanctuary in the Congo.

The Bonobos’ that are adopted will be embodied in-spirit and be part of the dynamics or the group. Role-play shall enable us to embody various individual qualities of our adopted Brothers and Sisters.

Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary

The BBC series, Monkey Planet, includes a trip to the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary in DRC. In this clip you can see George McGavin meeting some of the orphaned bonobos at play with the surrogate mothers that look after them.


A Co-creative partnership with Bonobos

Bonobos want to bring some much needed love to a world ruled by Human’s Chimpanzees, the Bonobo world that of which is hidden within the Southern Congo is wanting to flow through us Humans. Our cousins the Bonobos are in trouble and need our help, What we have learn’t is that we want to translate their non-violent cooperative culture to the naked ape (us).

They have insisted that there is a need to manifest Bonobo culture through us. This is to redress the Chimp vision that is so prevalent with in Human culture. The culture of patriarchy and megalomania is destroying the community of life on this planet and the Bonobos’ want to help us heal through non-violent conflict resolution, sharing and play. Bonobos’ are gifting us this. However in return for this help they need us the help them.