Fun with bonding and conflict transformation – discover the sex-positive culture of our closest apes!

This workshop offers an extraordinary journey into the polyamorous world of bonobos in the company of a human bonobo group. 
Participants receive unique insights into conflict resolution, group collaboration, and compassionate love. 
As humans we experience how to live as a bonobo. We empathise with the group and re-learning how to play, engage in bonding and mutual nurturing. We get to discover how touch and sex can be tools for building peace. 

By pushing the boundaries of our species-own experience, with that of the bonobos, we bring the forgotten past of community living back to the present. Unlike humans and chimpanzees, bonobos live without war, murder and rape. The females rule with wisdom instead of brute force. Our world is out of kilter and could use some bonobo perspective to help us regain balance.


  • Experience the bonobo birth experience
  • Share the sensual taste of the jungle fruits
  • Have fun with mutual bonobo care and affection.
  • Discover a new understanding of group interaction through play and touch 
  • Explore the queer aspects of the bonobo culture


  • Explore Bonobo Social Behaviours Whilst Reflecting On Your Own 
  • Discover New Methods of Interacting Through the Embodiment of Your Inner Bonobo 
  • Learn to role-play Bonobo’s polyamorous sex as welcoming, bond development, and conflict mitigation. 
  • Educate People about Bonobos’ and learn the benefits of Bonobo behaviours for your own life change

“It was such an ingenious moment when you tried out “bonobo technique” facing stress and insecurity through nipple caressing and it worked marvelously. And it is something I can use by myself in times of need. Coming from there I tried it out at home again and it helped to even develop on it further. Because then I thought I could try bonobo style: a masturbation-quicky.

I remembered that the fire breath could speed things up: so I tried that in combination with shifting rapidly through various kinds of touches from the g-area to the clit back and fort (for once very goal oriented, but also in the exploratory mode): And it worked!! (A part for the discovery and the intensity of the pleasure) I was bursting out loudly laughing holding my belly. That was after the session, but it feels very related to todays session – and I feel “back again” in my body, finally.

Thank you so much for today and the bonobo-wisdom.

— Sandra