The Team

Initially I studied fine art, discovering in the visual language of symbols, an ‘artistic way of knowing’. I began my study of body work practices by learning to teach the Alexander technique in 1997. During a VisionQuest to the United States in 2005 which included visiting several radical faerie sanctuaries I discovered that my spiritual practice was also based in movement. Moving to Berlin in 2009 I began studying somatic practices with Authentic Eros and discovered that the body also has a distinct and intense way of knowing. I have completed an Authentic Eros one year training and certified as a Sacred Intimate in the Body Electric tradition.

I am a yoga and chi kung teacher and a Thai massage therapist and reiki practitioner. I have been working at festivals (mostly music) since 2007 offering therapies from a tent and running workshops. I also run a holistic practice based in South West London.

I have been part of the tantra community since 2006 and have studied with Diamond Light Tantra, John Hawkin, Robert and Marta and Hannah and Martin. I am a long standing member of the Celtic Tantra Community. I have been practicing rope for more than 5 years and teach rope as a medium to explore sacred sexuality and tantra in London and at events.

My name is Manon Aquilina and I am a sexuality practitioner, Dominatrix and healer. At age 11, I started learning about energy healing with the Tibetan method Prananadi and I have recently been initiated into the Siddha Kundalini lineage by Dani Sher. This 5000 years old practice combines ancient yogic, tantric and shamanic practices. My interest for sexuality has led me to do a training in shadow tantra with Seani Love and I offer clients the opportunity to explore their sexuality and kinks. I am also an artist and performer who explores concepts of gender, trauma, roots and identity to lead to a better understanding of the world and my path. I am drawn to The Bonobo Experience because I believe that the retreats and workshops can start very deep healing for the individuals taking part.

I am a queer artist/activist and Sexological bodyworker. I am currently Studying a Master Degree at The University of the Arts London. Through my work I am researching the effect of Bonobo behaviour on Humans. I have developed The Bonobo Experience® in order to do this.

I am passionate about sexuality, playfulness, creativity and Bonobo culture. Play is a process that helps us relate to the world in a stress free way. If we use our creativity we can confront things that are challenging, test new boundaries and discover new realms of possibility.

I am very accepting of people’s desires and believe that this enables me to help others on their individual journey.