What to expect

This is a shared group experience using bonobo culture as our guide. This event is not exclusively about sexual connection (though it’s welcome here!), but more about tapping into the essence of pure PLAY within a tribe which creatively tackles disharmony through PLEASURE! We’ll be using, gestures, sounds, laughter, art, massage, food, forest games and nest building as entryways into an experience of full-body pleasure!  

We Adopted a bonobo.
That’s awesome!!! Had a great time!
Thank you for what you do to make
this world a better place for humans and animals alike!


In order to help each participant to connect with their inner bonobo we have developed an organic process of ritual and play which allows us to dive into the spirit of the bonobo and learn from their culture.  Leaving the cares and constraints of our everyday human-ness behind we start to bond and engage with the bonobos around us and to experience life through their eyes in a really powerful way.

There will be ample time to engage and learn from each other in this new yet ancient way. We will expand our ideas around sexuality and work through themes like belonging and connection, using games and role-play, pleasuring and sexual playfulness. By using playful connection we’ll explore new modes of communication.

All activities are optional

  • Consent is a guiding principle in the bonobo experience, everything we do is an invitation.
  • We strongly encourage all participants to tune into their individual needs in every moment.
  • We welcome your YES and your NO.

Monkey Business

  • Experience, connection in a safe playful space.
  • Understand how we can communicate though touch.
  • Cook and share food to create trust and eroticism.
  • Take pleasure in bonding and grooming in nature.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging.
  • Understand how bonobos use sexuality.
  • Use art to communicate.
  • Work together to build a shelter.
  • Play Forest games.
  • indulge yourself in the playful spirit of the bonobo.
  • Raise awareness of bonobos.