What next for the Bonobo Experience after my M.A

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I’m thinking about the course and the bonobo experience, because we have a workshop this evening at Men in Touch massage. It got me thinking about where the project wants to go after this MA  ?

I am thinking like this because I don’t want the abrupt end to the project or a come down that can happen to me post education. So in order to maintain my wellbeing I want to propel the work forward in a psychological sense to guard against this.

I’m considering what it is that I’ve done and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have in fact developed a series of workshops, which could develop into Modules.

This is a resource that can help other people on the team run the bonobo experience. The extensive videos journals and feedback interviews plus the workshops and their schedules, feedback and analysis all provide a map to the bonobo experience and its future development.

The Bonobo Experience course is where people can learn a variety of skills that enable community cohesion. Perhaps we would run a bonobo experience retreat that focused on intimacy and have discussion around that. Our focus could also be  polyamory and its wider benefits to community. For the Motherhood we could talk about bereavement and how to deal with death in community.

The chimps versus bonobos theme of conflict resolution may be something that we could integrate. We could hire experts who do training around nonviolent communication or intimacy in polyamorous relationships. Any number of themes could be up for discussion at The Bonobo Experience. In essence this has been my thinking today about what next is beyond the course.