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I first came across the bonobo experience in a work shop run at the stretch festival by Jason

This was a particularly strong and enjoyable experience for me as my first. There were monkeys selected and separated from the bonobos. I was in the bonobo group and stayed there throughout because I made particularly strong connections and it seemed a shame to break this up. The groups energy was very strong and at times I felt very much a part of this and sometimes in the centre. My lasting impression was fantastic. I put this mainly down to way it was presented. I left the workshop feeling elated and wholesome and wanted by others, so empowering.

Then my second experience was even more powerful and at times spiritual. I found the birthing ritual part particularly intimate and during the ritual I connected strongly mentally with my mother and the birthing experience she had with me. This is because 3 months before I was born there was an operation to remove some of her intestines which were strangling me and this was quite traumatic. So my eventual birth was watched by a dozen medical students. I related to this in the bonobo workshop and found it profoundly connecting with my own birth. I was very moved and this has helped me to connect with my mother even more empathetically.

The repetitive and faster sounds played during the routine really reinforced this

My third experience was less profound. I am not really sure why but after such an intense one the 2nd time perhaps this is to be expected. It was at the queer spirit festival and included outside space and I was less at ease and didn’t connect with the energy so easily

In summary I like the experience and would choose to have more because it helps me to really connect within myself and then have more authentic relationships with others

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