Manon gives their thoughts on running the birthing ritual at Queer Spirit.

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I enjoyed leading the birthing ritual at the Bonobo experience workshop in queer spirit 2019. It felt really good and also a honor to help people birth their own bonobo. I believe it is a very special moment of the workshop because it gives the space for people to use their imagination and connect with their primal selves. Who would we be if we were just born today in the jungle? I believe it is deeply healing for our human hearts to do this exercise. To remember that we are born on this beautiful planet, to remember our animal instinct and our human nature. To be reminded of our connection to nature and community. To feel like we belong. To communicate with each others in ways we haven’t explored before. The way we are raised in this society is so limiting and brain washing. We can feel so disconnected, alone and lost. We have to follow society standards that can be toxic and harmful. I believe so much in the work of the bonobo experience because it is not only fun and playful, it is deeply healing and awakening. I think that as humans we can learn from the bonobos.

Before leading the birthing ritual, I have participated in a few birthing rituals myself as an assistant or participant. I remember feeling very strong in one and rather than being the baby bonobo, I felt like I was the mother and ready to take care and hold the younger ones in the community. One other time, I just had so much fun connecting to the most raw and primal part of me. I also had another experience where I felt like my birth was difficult and I felt like I was alone. This is the proof that the birthing ritual can have many layers and go different ways for people. There is no right or wrong experience, I think all of them can heal or awaken deep parts within us.

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